Teenage Counselling in Bicester

Have you concerns about how you are feeling or behaving with family or friends struggling with issues at home, school, or college?

You may be a parent with a teenager who is displaying anger or is upset about the loss of a loved one.

I offer counselling for teenagers and young people who are 16 years and older who are presenting with mild to moderate problems or issues of concern to themselves or others.

    Mood Swings or Behaviour Changes

    Counselling may be helpful if you are:- 

    • Feeling anxious or worried.
    • Feeling sad or down.
    • Becoming easily angry, which affects your mood.
    • Troubled with relationship difficulties
    • Attachment, separation or loss.

    Everyone is an individual and each of us react in different ways. Perhaps none of the above fit and you just need to talk to someone about what is going on for you. Counselling can still be helpful. For more severe or complex behaviours I can signpost you to other specialists who can provide help and treatment.

    If you are not feeling good about yourself or able to manage your behaviour then please contact me today on 0800 050 9273.

    Call me on FREE phone 0800 050 9273

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